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Benítez and his obsession with the press

SPORTYOU SPORTYOU 19/12/2015 sportyou
La obsesión de Benítez con la prensa © Getty Images La obsesión de Benítez con la prensa

Rafa Benítez touched down at Real Madrid como 'an exttraordinary coach, one who knows this house from the inside'. This label was stuck on him from his first days in the job, stemming from the analyses made within the club. The idea was to weatherproof the coach from all the critical currents that have surrounded the team for a long time. The media have become the principal obsession of all the coaching staff that have sat in the dugout at the Santiago Bernabéu.

This coexistence has gone through several phases and right now club and media are more distanced, ever since José Mourinho opened up a breach, backed by the club, that now is unbridgeable. With this panorama, Rafa Benítez arrived at Real Madrid, and one of the biggest surprises he found was the amount of criticism levelled at his team and at some of his decisions, which has made him watch his movements.

Far from slipping by unnoticed, Benítez has ended up caught up in the same labyrinth. He reads the press all the time, from morning to night, both in printed and digital formats. He has let himself be trapped so much that at times he has tried to get the players to act this or that way before the cameras and the journalists, earning himself a rebuffal from more than one of them. Another thing he does is avoid having his photo taken in certain positions so that nobody can have a cheap laugh at his excess kilos, a problem that he himself is aware of.

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