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Casillas says Madrid wary of Barça threat

Logotipo de AS AS 15/04/2014 Marco Ruiz

Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas spoke ahead of his side's Copa del Rey final against Barcelona on Wednesday

Talisman in finals: “Everyone wants to win, not just me. The side have had a great Copa campaign and it would be the icing on the cake. It won't be easy, it will be a vibrant game, with great players and we are confident that we can win and in our way of playing. We believe that we can do it".

You uploaded the picture of the Virgin onto social media - divine intervention?:

It's circumstantial. It is something I like at the time and I upload it. The job that the side has to do is what we've been doing all season. Eight months ago we wanted it to be in our hands and we are on the right lines. We are in a final, a semi-final and in the league we will fight until the end to win it. Now the focus is on this final, we want to win the first title of the season".

Cristiano's absence: “It's not just Cristiano, but all the players who aren't available: Jesé, Arbeloa, Marcelo, Cris... But it's not worth thinking about those who can't play, we must think about those who can and those who the boss thinks are capable of winning the title".

The 2011 final: "I remember it, a nice game, very passionate with two sides battling it out for the title. We had a tough defeat in the Camp Nou and this spurred us on to win the Copa. It won't change anything. Everyone enjoyed it, and hopefully we can repeat it and win another Copa del Rey".

Who are the favourites?: "Personally I'm not buying into Barcelona's last week, despite the defeats. Things are different for both sides, and anything can happen in a final. Now they have two competitions, one complicated and one final where they can win the title. We are on a good run and we are trying to get back into the fight for the league. We will forget the past and concentrate on tomorrow".

Decisive saves in 2011: “In a final you always are remembered more for the game and the saves. They weren't sensational saves, but they were at the end and I helped the side win the trophy. Hopefully tomorrow the joy will be shared and everyone will be protagonists and Real Madrid will win".

Mateu Lahoz: "I've always like him, he's a good referee".

Messi: “I'm, not going to worry about how Messi is. His side will worry, and I will worry about my side. We won't think about who isn't there, but who is. This will motivate us, not how our opponents are".

The side has slipped up in big games:: “The side is ready. Maybe we didn't have good results against big sides but in the league you play 19 sides. In the cup you can only eliminate what's in front of you. The side is solid. If you're on a good run, the side has confidence, and that's how we are".

Busquets' stamp and Xavi's comments: “As I said the other day, I'm leaving the circus. What someone says, another person says, a programme here, a programme there... I don't want to enter into any more games, debate, arguing. It is football, and we are focused on tomorrow".

Two Clásico defeats in the league:"We want to win. We can't look back. It's a different game. We have to try and win tomorrow for the fans. Fight, run, battle... Whatever it takes to win".

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