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Full of medals and battle scars

Logotipo de AS AS 01/06/2014 Alfredo Relaño

Finally, Diego Costa makes the cut. It was a list of names given in instalments, in part because of the pact FIFA asked for 30 names previously for their publications, and more because of the two Madrid sides, who had eight 'probables' that played the final in Lisbon, and also for the prospect of should the friendly with Bolivia produce any injuries, and finally, last but not least, to wait until the last possible moment to see if Diego Costa and Navas could go. The latter couldn't. A shame. He's a great outlet for stretched games. And a boy who's loved by the group.

Diego Costa, on the other hand, goes. He makes up a group of three centre forwards which also includes Torres and Villa. On the other hand, only three fullbacks travel. They're positions where you don't need two men for each side given Azpilicueta can play on both sides, and if needs be, Sergio Ramos too.... Personally, I prefer to have two players for each position, and three goalkeepers. Sergio Busquets doesn't have the backup of Iturraspe, who played stupendously against Bolivia. However you can say that Javi Martínez provides this... The case is, we're cutting it fine at the back.

Cutting it fine if the tournament is a long one, as we want it to be. We must remeber that the backline is where the majority of cards come. There's a lot of 'tiki taka' and a solid squad who have served the test of time. I get 12, an absolute majority, who were at Euro 2008. All of the principal players, except Puyol, who, unfortunately can't go on. Del Bosque looks after this recipe, and the picking of, for example Villa, the meat and blood of the group, instead of the reinforcements in other positions. But let's not complain. It's a good group, full of medals and battle scars. Come on.

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