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"I’ve followed Iker since I was a kid, training with him is amazing"

Logotipo de AS AS 12/06/2014 Joaquín Maroto

Hi David, how have you been getting along during these first few days in Curitiba? Is the climate conducive for training?

The climate is quite similar to Manchester and training’s going well. We’re really happy and comfortable here.

Do you prefer to be by the sea with the sun shining?

It’s always very nice to train in conditions like these.

A bit of sunshine won’t do Iniesta any harm!

Or me! (laughs). I don’t get many days of sunshine in Manchester so I’m making up for it here.

You’re looking a lot stronger physically...

Yes, I’ve been working out quite a bit in the gym and I’ve changed my diet.

What does your diet consist of?

I’m eating more now and I drink a lot of protein drinks.

We’ve been very impressed watching the squad’s training sessions!

All of us can’t wait for the World Cup to start. The level of the players is unbelievable and even when you’re not training alongside the outfield players, you can just see how good they are by watching them.

You seem quite serious, are the Madrid players having an influence on you?

This is my usual expression! I don’t have another (laughs).

Did you know Man United wanted to sign Del Bosque?

Yes, I read that but I’m sure he’s happy here with the national team.

How did it feel to make your debut with the senior side?

It was like a dream. It’s difficult for me to put it into words. I’m just very happy; I’d already played at the Redskins’ stadium with Manchester United.

Is the goalkeepers’ training regime with the national team different to how you train with United?

It’s very different to how we work at Manchester United. You learn things and [José Manuel] Ochotorena is a great coach.

Both Reina and Valdés wanted ‘Ochoto’ to be the goalkeeping coach at their respective clubs...

He’s really good at his job, you learn a lot from him and the daily routine is always varied.

How did you experience Atlético’s season watching them from afar?

Just like any other fan. Atleti’s season was exceptional – difficult to repeat. I feel very proud of Atlético.


Your decision to leave hid your true feelings about for Atlético...

My feelings towards Atlético couldn’t be much clearer and I enjoyed last season just the same as the rest of Atleti’s fans did.

What it difficult for you to leave Atlético?

Yes it was - very difficult.

You cried when you heard that you’d been sold to United, is that right?

Yes. I had spent the whole of my life at one club and it was difficult for me to leave. But joining Manchester United was a step I had to take, and I know I made the right decision.

What is it like to train alongside Iker Casillas?

I followed him since I was a kid and now, to be training with him... it’s amazing.

What about those miraculous saves he makes – is it something he works on in training or is it does a natural gift he has?

You have to train hard but Iker does have a natural talent, something different from the rest and that’s what makes him so decisive.

What about Reina?

He’s a great keeper. He’s strong and quick with his feet.

...and your friend, Diego Costa?

He’s really happy and can’t wait to start playing. He’s just another member of the squad.

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