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"If things don't go your way you have to pick yourself up"

Logotipo de AS AS 15/04/2014 Moisés Llorens

The side up their game against the bigger sides: “If we want to win the cup we'll have to play to our best against a strong opponent. The side are capable of winning and playing well. It's a title, something that would bring joy to the fans and us. All we are thinking about is winning".

Defensive worries: “I don't think we're insecure at the back. You attack well because you defend well, you defend well because everyone is obliged to. In our play everyone is important. And more so in our system; we need everyone to be fit and well. If not, it's complicated, and that's not because of a missing defender or two. We are all capable of playing well in defence and we have confidence".

Madrid are favourites and Barça go into the game on a bad run: “No. I don't think we're low on form. We've had a bad week, but we have to recover even though it can be difficult. It's a final, a title, another competition and we are only thinking about the final and the trophy. We are playing a tough opponent and we will have to do things at our best, just as they will"

The importance of the Copa . “The cup has always been important, it is a title, it is a final and a title that we'd all love to win. Does it save the season? I think that you have to analyse more things than merely winning a trophy or two. This simply does or doesn't mean that you have to change certain things. We are going to fight for the two competitions because they're both important to us".

Cristiano is a doubt . “For them he's a key player, for what he does, for his goals, but that won't change how we go into the game. It won't change how they play if he's there or not, and we know that if he doesn't make it, another top quality player will replace him. What is important is that Barcelona plays well, which is our job. If we play well we will have plenty of chances to win. It's clear that we respect Madrid and their players, but if we play well we'll have chances and if we don't, we won't".

Messi . “Nobody doubts Leo. I can't say anything else. I've never doubted him. He always tries to be a key player, and has done so countless times, and maybe this means when he doesn't do something everything is a disaster. His standards are so high that if he doesn't score twice everything isn't well, when in reality it is. It is a team effort, not just a matter of one person being in good or bad form".

Three hours without scoring. “It's strange because obviously it's not a good thing for us. We aren't used to it".

Liga . “We have got to give our all until the final kick of the season and if they slip up we will be there to take advantage. We must not lose hope, but what we have lost is the fact it was in our hands, and that makes things complicated".

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