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Iniesta: “I’d be delighted if Martino stayed”

Logotipo de AS AS 10/05/2014

The Barcelona midfielder spoke to Diario Olé, and confessed his admiration for the current coach, who appears to be on his way out of the Camp Nou.


In my opinion, my coach is the best. So I’d be delighted if he stayed and could give us everything he’s got. In The first year is always tough for everyone. From what I’ve seen he’s always been motivated and keen to believe in our chances. Things don’t always turn out how you want them to, but you have to try.

Tata’s understanding

The scene around Barça is always difficult, not just for him, but for everyone, the players included. It’s constantly extremely demanding and faced with that you have to be willing to deal with it.


In my opinion he’s incredible. I’m full of admiration and respect and I congratulate them [Atleti]. I don’t know what people mean when they say it’s an equipo del pueblo [literally a small town team, but often taken to mean a smaller team, and possible one that’s closer to its fans] but what’s true is that they’ve achieved a bond between the coach, the players and the fans that’s so important if you want to win titles or be close to winning them. They’ve fought us off well and we haven’t found the method or style to deal with them.


It’s been really tough. We’ve been with him for so long as the assistant coach and he was in charge when we won the league with 100 points. He taught us so much when he was ill, as well as showing us the passion and desire he had to coach and for football. It’s truly such a shame. We were in touch the whole time and would talk to find out how he was doing, or just to discuss football...


I’ve always said it: I never doubt Leo, never. I think the World Cup is a question of whole teams rather than just Leo. Argentina have a great team and I’m sure they’ll do well at the World Cup.

Spain at the World Cup

We’ve got a team that could do well. Once we’re there it’ll depend on lots of things, but I’m confident. First let’s see how the group turns out and then we’ll see who we might get after... let’s take it step by step.

Iniesta with team-mates. © Proporcionado por AS Iniesta with team-mates.

Idea of football

Each of us have our characteristics. I play the way I see the game, and I’m in the best place to do that.

Do mistakes affect you?

I try not to let them, but I’ve always been like this and it bothers me when I make a mistake, even if it’s just fluffing a pass.

The goal against Holland in the World Cup final, how different is it on TV to living it...

I don’t know if it’s the same or not. The feeling of the moment will never be the same. But it’s true that even now when I see it I still get that feeling and a shiver down my spine.

Did you thank Isaac Newton for the goal?

The fact is, if the ball hadn’t dropped it would have been tough to hit it.


I’ve seen him lots of times over a long while now and I’m in touch with him. I always want the best for him, he’s one of football’s greats.

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