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Jay Leno's Car Collection, Part One!

SPORTYOU SPORTYOU 23/12/2015 sportyou
Jay Leno's Car Collection, Part One! © Getty Images Jay Leno's Car Collection, Part One!

Ariel Atom 75

Jay Leno's Car Collection, Part One! © Getty Images Jay Leno's Car Collection, Part One!

One of the lightest, sportiest cars that live in the garage of the quirky American TV host.

Aston Martin CC 100

Aston Martin CC 100 © Proporcionado por Sportyou Aston Martin CC 100

A gem of a car that has never gone into mass production. Those Brits, from time to time, know how to make a car that moves something inside you.

Batman's Tumbler

Batman's Tumbler © Proporcionado por Sportyou Batman's Tumbler

It must have cost him a pretty penny to bribe them to get this one, but the Batman car from the last movie is in Leno's garage.

Blastolene's Piss'd Off Pete

Blastolene's Piss'd © Proporcionado por Sportyou Blastolene's Piss'd

One of the many wacky items that good old Jay keeps in his garage-museum. This one just cannot be categorized.

FIAT Botafogo Special 1917

Fiat Botafogo Special 1917 © Proporcionado por Sportyou Fiat Botafogo Special 1917

A good few decades ago, racing cars, the foreunners of current Formula 1 models, looked a lot like this FIAT model.

Ford Mustang 2011

Jay Leno's Garage © Proporcionado por Sportyou Jay Leno's Garage

The odd thing here is not only the model, in a well-known American muscle car, but the decor. Has anyone ever seen anything quite like it?

Chrysler Imperial Green Hornet 1965

Green Hornet 1965 Chrysler Imperial © Proporcionado por Sportyou Green Hornet 1965 Chrysler Imperial

It looks like it's from a gangster movie, but weirder than that, just check out the missile launcher on the front bumper...

Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey Venom GT © Proporcionado por Sportyou Hennessey Venom GT

One of the most explosive cocktails ever mounted on four wheels. Spectacular, whatever way you look at it.

Impala Convertible

1963 Chevy Impala © Proporcionado por Sportyou 1963 Chevy Impala

The 50s and 60s saw a lot of madness placed on top of four wheels... and this Impala's decor is a good reflection of that.

1964 E-type Jaguar

Jaguar E-Type 1964 © Proporcionado por Sportyou Jaguar E-Type 1964

One of the top-rated classics, even though it lost out to a ten-year-old Honda Accord in an acceleration competition on Top Gear.

E-type Jaguar

Jaguar E-Type © Proporcionado por Sportyou Jaguar E-Type

Small differences between one E-Type and another can give collectors serious headaches. But Jay Leno doesn't mind having a repeat or two in his collection.

F-Type Jaguar V8 S

Jaguar F-Type V8 s © Proporcionado por Sportyou Jaguar F-Type V8 s

Jay Leno has room for the more modern versions in his collection. The new F-Type Jaguar, with special decoration, also has its place.

Jeep Fab Fours Legend

Jeep Fab Fours‘ Legend © Proporcionado por Sportyou Jeep Fab Fours‘ Legend

It's not on sale, it's a protoype, and it may be some time before we see anything like it again. With the way it looks, nobody can doubt the pulling power of this jeep.

La Bestioni

La Bestioni © Proporcionado por Sportyou La Bestioni

You have to go back a few decades to see why a car like this would ever have a place in any European trials.

McLaren F1 Redux

McLaren F1 Redux © Proporcionado por Sportyou McLaren F1 Redux

The British firm has risen from the ashes, and one of the first models from this new era, with some slight tweaking, also sits in Jay Leno's garage.

Mormon Metor III

Mormon meteor III © Proporcionado por Sportyou Mormon meteor III

Designed to beat the speed record at the Bonneville Speed Flats in Utah, this invention looks more like a retro rocket than a car.

1975 Plymouth Duster

Plymouth Duster 1975 © Proporcionado por Sportyou Plymouth Duster 1975

American muscle cars are Jay's favourites. They say the best ones were built in the 60s and 70s. And that thing coming out of the hood...

Ronin 211 Slider

Ronin 211 Slider © Proporcionado por Sportyou Ronin 211 Slider

Inspired by the Lotus, this two-seater hot rod looks good and we'd like to see it at the 2016 Pikes Peak Hill Climb event.

Rossi SixtySix Vette 24

Rossi Sixty Six Vette 24 © Proporcionado por Sportyou Rossi Sixty Six Vette 24

From behind it looks like a modern-day Ferrari, the roof and the back end are like some sort of Zagato from the 60s. I wouldn't mind having it in my house.

Scion FR-S Speedhunters

Scion FRA Speedhunters © Proporcionado por Sportyou Scion FRA Speedhunters

In Europe it is known as the Subaru BRZ or the Toyota GT86, but in the US it is sold under the Scion label. The paint job, of course , is very racing style.

1962 Shark Roadster

Shark 1962 © Proporcionado por Sportyou Shark 1962

One of the most photographed cars ever, owing to its hammerhead shark appearance. And it does work too!

1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe

Shelby Daytona Coupe 1964 © Proporcionado por Sportyou Shelby Daytona Coupe 1964

American two-seaters are Jay Leno's downfall. Check out that tube that comes out behind the left front wheel and the sexy shape of the rear end.

Toyota FT-1 Concept

Toyota FT-1 concept © Proporcionado por Sportyou Toyota FT-1 concept

More than likely, Toyota's next car will be based on this Supra they have created, or at least it will have more than a few of the FT-1's features.

US Army Vehicle

US Army Vehicle © Proporcionado por Sportyou US Army Vehicle

There is nothing better than this Army TT for patrolling around Jay Leno's garage and scaring off wannabe thieves.

1908 White

White 1908 © Proporcionado por Sportyou White 1908

One of the oldest cars in the TV host's garage. Bet it works and everything!

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