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Johan Cruyff, a life in pictures

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La vida de Johan Cruyff, en imágenes © Getty Images La vida de Johan Cruyff, en imágenes

A footballing legend who was born in the Ajax academy

La vida de Johan Cruyff, en imágenes © Getty Images La vida de Johan Cruyff, en imágenes

Johan Cruyff became the chief exponent of a style: one-touch football and passion for the ball. The spirit of Ajax was embodied in Cruyff.

The flag-bearer of the 1970s Ajax side

240316Cruyff02 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff02

Just with Ajax, he won 8 league titles, 6 Dutch Cups, 3 European Cups, an Intercontinental title and one European Super Cup.

The indelible mark he left on Barça

240316Cruyff03 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff03

The talent he showed at Ajax caught the attention of Barcelona, where he played from 1973 to 1978. But they were not his only club in Spain: he also turned out for Levante, in 1981.

The 'Clockwork Orange'

240316Cruyff04 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff04

The idea of total football started with Cruyff's Netherlands team. At the only World Cup he ever took part in, the 1974 tournament, he led the 'Oranje' to the final, where they went down to the West Germany team of Beckenbauer and company.

Captain and commander-in-chief

240316Cruyff05 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff05

He won 48 caps for Holland, 33 of them as captain, before taking the decision to retire from international football in 1977.

Third in the 1976 Euros

240316Cruyff06 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff06

He did not manage to earn total success with his national team at continental level either: he only took part in the 1976 European Championship, in which the Dutch side finished third.

A legendary rivalry

240316Cruyff07 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff07

The duels between Cruyff and Beckenbauer were legendary, espcially the one in the 1974 World Cup final. Despite that, they were always great friends.

The father of the Dream Team

240316Cruyff08 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff08

Everything he ever learned as a footballer, he put into practice from the dugout. With him at the helm, Barcelona adopted a philosophy that was based on possession and good ball play that is still being copied today. Nobody has had a greater influence on the Blaugrana playing style than Cruyff.

A sad departure from Barcelona

240316Cruyff09 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff09

Despite being an institution for players and fans, he was ignominiously sacked as Barcelona coach in the 1995-96 season, when he and then club president Nuñez had a big falling-out.

Golf, aside from football, was his other passion

240316Cruyff10 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff10

Johan Cruyff was an accomplished golfer, the game was one of his other passions besides football.

Support from Laporta

240316Cruyff11 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff11

He was Barcelona's honorary president during Joan Laporta's time at the head of the club. Cruyff always supported the former president, and when Laporta left, so did he.

The 'Johan Cruyff Trophy'

240316Cruyff12 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff12

For some years now, one of the top summer tournaments in the Netherlands is the 'Johan Cruyff Cup'.

Not everyone can be a chip off the old block

240316Cruyff13 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff13

Although his son Jordi was also a footballer, he never quite cut it like his father Johan.

Damn you, cancer!

240316Cruyff14 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff14

When it was announced that he had lung cancer, there was an outpouring of sympathy from the whole world of football, and FC Barcelona especially.

The Wembley heroes

240316Cruyff15 © Proporcionado por Sportyou 240316Cruyff15

Koeman scored the winning goal in the final at Wembley and gave Barcelona their first ever European Cup, but the brains behind that feat was Cruyff. Koeman himself has said on many occasions that his former coach had been his inspiration that night.

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