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Mourinho is dismantling Atlético

Logotipo de AS AS 05/06/2014 Alfredo Relaño

How fleeting is joy in the house of the poor man! I heard this phrase, uttered in a tone somewhere between resignation and amusement, one day in the 1950s, when power outages were common. When the electricity went out candles, which were always to hand, were hurriedly lit. On the occasion I remember, the light was restored to the delight of the family, which was no small thing. We extinguished the candles with breath full of optimism, only for the lights to go out again shortly afterward. It was then that my father spoke that phrase. He had to light the candles anew, and under their flickering glow we resumed our homework.

I cling to that memory. It is said that there are things that come our way on borrowed time, and that maybe we should be prepared to face up to loss at any given moment, because greater forces will it so. I view Atlético in this light; the Liga champions and Champions League finalists that José Mourinho, that odious man, is planning to deprive of Thibaut Courtois, Filipe Luis, Tiago and Diego Costa in one fell swoop -- a design in which he will very possibly succeed. Furthermore, it is also expected that João Miranda will leave the Vicente Calderón. David Villa has already gone: six out of 11. Atlético hope to at least retain Koke.

It is a fact of life I suppose. When Real Madrid beat Atlético in the Champions League final in Lisbon on the basis of producing substitutes that Atlético simply did not have, someone said to me with an air of fatalism: “There will always be rich and poor.” It is another phrase I heard a long time ago that the years have failed to expunge. When Mourinho saw his Chelsea team eliminated from the Champions League by Atlético he decided to solve the problem by means of the wallet and bring all those players to Stamford Bridge. Still, at least we can ponder how much worse it would be if Diego Simeone went to Chelsea and in exchange Mourinho arrived at Atlético. Because it is not the same to make love as it to buy it ready made.

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