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Piqué: "We've had to win this title twice over"

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Piqué: “Hemos tenido que ganar esta Liga dos veces” © Getty Images Piqué: “Hemos tenido que ganar esta Liga dos veces”

Gerard Piqué had no doubts that he was going to celebrate this 24th league title that FC Barcelona have just won: “From this Sunday to next Sunday [when the Copa del Rey final will be played], there is a long time. I'm going to give it my all”, the Azulgrana told Movistar+. His message underlined the historical change that the club has undergone in recent decades and, especially, in recent years, a change in which both he and his team-mates have been important. "I'm very happy to be able to continue this winning streak. This is a very important period in the history of this club, we have a generation of very talented players. Never before had we won 6 or 8 Ligas so close together, and we're really enjoying this moment" he replied.

Piqué said Barça had had to put in a special effort to hoist this trophy owing to the dip in form they had in April: “The way it's worked out, we've had to win the league twice over. With a lead of eight or nine points it looked like it was ours, but then we had that dip in form and we had a hard time bcause it looked like we'd lost it. We wouldn't have won this Liga 25 years ago because we would have sunk in our own pessimism, but this generation have changed all that. This is a team you can trust in."

The central defender does not believe that Barça need to win the Copa del Rey to round off the season: “We don't need anything more. This generation has won lots of things, many times over. If we win the cup, that will be great, but every season we keep adding titles and that shows we are hungry for more. The consistency we have shown over these last few years is magnificent."

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