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"There are many ways to win a game; defending isn't easy"

Logotipo de AS AS 29/04/2014

Atlético Madrid coach Diego Simeone faced the media ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final second leg against Chelsea.

Confidence: “First of all, I think it’s normal that the confidence a player should have is there before a semi-final in the Champions League. The boys are very excited. It’s going to be a difficult, hard-fought game. To get where they want they’re obviously going to have to put in a huge effort.”

Champions League semi-finals for first time in 40 years: “You all know me very well. I don’t like to stop and think about what’s happening, but keep working. The press can evaluate the progress the team has made. I think it’s a game of football, there’s a ball and the team that works best will win the match. I believe more in hard work and desire.”

Chelsea: “I’m very respectful about football in general. There are many ways to win a game and each person chooses the way they think is best. Defending isn’t easy, and when a team does it well you have to congratulate them. Football is very changeable; nobody can give you the 'truth' about football. It’s also down to the manager, who spends a lot of time with his players and chooses the way to play. I don’t align myself with any way of playing and I respect any situation that the opponent poses. I think it’s good that there are different ways of playing and that you can win with ten at the back, ten up front or ten in the middle. If not, football would be boring.”

Atlético Madrid coach Diego Simeone. © Getty Atlético Madrid coach Diego Simeone.

Petr Cech: “I always expect the opponent to be in their best shape. We’re going to be facing a team that went to the Premier League leaders and won 2-0 [against Liverpool on Sunday]. That creates a lot of respect in us; we’re going to be very focused.”

José Mourinho mind games: “No, I did not see anything.”

Similarities between Porto and Atlético: “It’s difficult to compare teams. That was a great team with a lot of desire and passion, but the reality is that we have a very important game tomorrow against a team that’s difficult and that plays well when it finds spaces. We’re thinking most of all about what we’re going to face.”

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