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"This side has a future and mine didn't depend on today"

Logotipo de AS AS 17/04/2014

"I feel a deep pain for the loss and for everyone who supports us. This side has a lot in front of them and a lot of positive things to give. I'm how you'd expect with a loss like this. There's not many ways to have a more difficult defeat than this but this won't decide my future. As I've said, I don't see my future changing, win or lose", said Barcelona manager Tata Martino following the side's loss to Real Madrid.

Analysis: “We tried to contain Di María and Bale and we did so on various occasions. The goals were in two plays that are typical of Madrid. They overload well but we have paid on two counters. Bale is so potent and is a great finisher. He scored a good goal".

Bartra: "He played very well. It's something he'll take forward with him into the future".

Hard loss: "It's a hard blow to take; we had big expectations for the game. We all wanted to win. It is a defeat that is hard to pinpoint, that’s football, maybe we lack depth but we had control. When we were in control we were hit on the counter and that's why we lost".

Unjust or just: "We congratulate Madrid. It's not a good time, we're not happy, it has been a very hard week for us on all fronts but we are obliged to carry on and fighting for what there still is. I'm how you'd expect, following such a hurtful loss".

Future: "We need to find strength, it's going to be difficult in the league but we will fight to the end. For me it's not a question of emotions. Now we're not good, we lost a final".

Bale: "It's difficult to see at this level a player who has the strength to do this. Inside the hurt of losing a final you can take good things, and Marc's recovery is a positive".

Pain: "You feel a deep pain for the loss and a big disappointment for the people who have come and supported you after a long journey. Things happen. This is a side that when you analyse it and see their ages, Barça have a lot to offer".

Debate about style: "It's not normal that Barça find it so difficult to score, and that's three games now".

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