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Villarreal fined 12,000 euros for the banana thrown at Alves

Logotipo de AS AS 07/05/2014 Javier Mata
The Madrigal won't be closed over the banana thrown at Alves The Madrigal won't be closed over the banana thrown at Alves

The League’s Competition Committee won’t close the Madrigal after the incident in which a banana was thrown at Dani Alves, in the league game against Barcelona. The Committee took into account Villarreal’s arguments, above all that they had identified and banned the supporter. Although the club feared a heavy punishment and to be made an example of the Committee has imposed just a 12,000 euro fine.

The incident occurred on 27 April in the Villarreal – Barcelona match. An individual in the stands threw a banana at Alves as he went to take a corner. The Brazilian collected the fruit and ate it. This then led to a world-wide anti-racism campaign, #weareallmonkeys, apparently designed by Neymar and a Brazilian advertising agency.

Villarreal were particularly worried in this case because previously this season a tear gas canister was let off in the Madrigal leading to the stadium being evacuated. However the Competition Committee ruled that the two events were of different natures and therefore the punishment for the banana throwing wasn’t increased, despite the prior incident.

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