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Xabi: "Desire and motivation make your legs work"

Logotipo de AS AS 13/06/2014

Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso spoke to the Spain national side's official website in the build up to the Holland match:

A new World Cup: "Most of the group has experience in these final stages and as the match gets closer we know what we're going to face. We've learned Holland's tactics, their system and we're looking forward to it."

 Group quality: "Practice is always high level. Now we need to prove that level and quality in the match. We're ready and the desire and motivation make your legs work."

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Holland: "They've changed quite a bit, the manager is different. Van Gaal is very hard-working and we're ready for the different alternatives we may face."

Soccer City final: "The memory of South Africa is so exciting that throughout these past four years, it's been a recurring moment. I remember when the ball got to Andrés. We knew it was our last chance of being champions. The feelings are still very strong and in time we're keeping that excitement to ourselves."

Closed rivals: "Our style is very defined and we should not get overwhelmed with the style we may find. Everyone thinks of a way to achieve the best result. They're matches that require a lot of patience and concentration. The key, and what has led us to succeed, is paying attention and maintaining decisive tension because we've scored few goals in these final stages."

 The 23: "You have to know how to arrange experience with the new, who fit in perfectly and deserve to be here. The coach is very dynamic and flexible. We learned to get rid of the tension in some moments during the European Cup 2008 and now we know how to do it. Given the characteristics of the players we look to keep control of the ball, avoiding the opponent to get hold of it."

The aim: "Despite the fact that we spend a lot of time apart, when we get together your objective is so clear you say: let's go for it and that's where we are at."

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