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GSFA 2018 | The New Raw | Second Nature

Second Nature tells the story of ghost nets turned into a seashell; the symbol of sea’s cleanliness. The film follows Panos and Foteini (The New Raw) in their journey to recover lost fishing gear from the bottom of the Greek sea and transform them into a 3D printed collection of endangered seashells. The journey takes place in the small Greek village of Galaxidi , where the duo sets their mobile recycle lab and start gathering ghost nets in collaboration with local fishermen and divers, in order to upcycle them as raw material to 3D print the local protected seashell of Pinna Nobilis. It is quite common for fishermen to lose or abandon their fishing nets in the sea. These nets are called ghost nets, because they remain on the sea floor for years, continuing to trap fish and mammals. Ghost nets are considered to be the deadliest ocean trash and a major environmental threat, worldwide. In their “Second Nature”, the ghost nets show how design and technology can be used against marine plastic pollution.
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