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Forest People + Interview with Director Rafa Calil and Angelica Mendes, Chico Mendes' Granddaughter

Forest People is a documentary that portrays Chico Mendes’ legacy nowadays. The film brings up the present situation on Brazilian Amazon Rainforest showing how traditional communities struggle to keep the forest safe and alive 30 years after Chico Mendes was murdered. The film is inspired by the principles defended by Brazilian forest activist Chico Mendes. Chico, known as the “Master Forester”, was assassinated in 1988 for defending the Amazonian Rainforest and organizing the “Forest Alliance” between rubber harvesters, indigenous peoples and river communities in Brazil. A political portrait of the region where Chico Mendes was murdered three decades ago. Forest People is a documentary about a community of rubber tappers that has managed to both make a living and be effective guardians of a natural reserve in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest for over 30 years.
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