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Petrol station’s underground tanker explodes

Keep me motivated by donating to Viewer discretion is always advised when watching this video or any others videos. I do not take any responsibility to your trauma, psychological and/or mental harm. I do not recommend anyone to attempt, act/reproduce, and/or create hate from what you see in this video or any other videos. a petrol station's underground tanker explodes as motorists fill up their cars in Saudi Arabia. The incident, which happened at a Naft service station at lunchtime yesterday, sent flames shooting into the air and customers fleeing. The explosion was caught on the Naft garage's CCTV footage and captures the wildly different reactions of the customers caught in the fray. No one appears to be hurt. The scene suddenly turns from business as usual to bedlam, when an underground tank, lying underneath a wide area of concrete in the car park of the petrol station blows up. The cause of the explosion is unknown.
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