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  • Divorce advice - children and business? : Divorce - reddit

    I've got a buddy considering divorce. But before he drops the bomb, he asked me for advice. I absolutely love their children (proud Godfather), and I'm looking at ways to ease the burden for them - and their online retail business. These flat-fee divorce services with mediation seem ideal to get it over quick, and without impacting the kids too ...

  • r/Divorce -

    r/divorce is dedicated to helping those suffering through divorce with general advice, internet hugs, and just the solace and comfort that comes from talking to people who have walked the road that you're on. We encourage you to talk about your situation. The first step to healing is getting it all out in the open.

  • r/Divorce_Men - Advice on custody? -

    r/Divorce_Men: Welcome to Divorce_Men. ... I was wondering if anyone had advice on getting full custody as a father and single provider? I don't want the kids to never see her again or anything like that, but due to her mental state, ... 2 comments. share. save hide report.

  • [Advice] How did you deal with a vindictive spouse? : Divorce

    r/Divorce: Contributors to ... [Advice] How did you deal with a vindictive spouse? ... I gave myself permission to take "time off" from the divorce. I kept living my life, but sometimes I put the divorce business aside for an evening, a day or even a week to make sure that I could act calmly.

  • Upvoted – The official Reddit blog

    Remarks As Prepared for Delivery by Reddit CEO Steve Huffman for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce: Subcommittees on Communications & Technology and Consumer Protection & Commerce 1.

  • Are online divorce sites legit. Like Divorce ...

    Best Answer: You can do this yourself by going to your local Superior Court clerk's office. If your divorce is uncontested, then you can have a do it yourself divorce. There are some guidelines you have to follow and laws are different from state to state. If you have minor children, you may need to take a ...

  • The Children of Divorce: The Loss of Family as the Loss of ...

    The Children of Divorce: The Loss of Family as the Loss of Being (Youth, Family, and Culture) [Andrew Root, Chap Clark] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Why does divorce cause so much strain and long-term distress for children of all ages? Andrew Root, a recognized authority on youth ministry and a child of divorce himself

  • "I Regret My Divorce" - LifeWay Women All Access

    I just listen to your interview with Cheryl Scruggs on her podcast. From there, I Googled the topic of that podcast. And so, here I am, writing the comment “I regret my divorce” even though I was like your husband and didn’t partake in my divorce.

  • Early signs of trouble everyone should know about (r ...

    • Subscribe for daily uploads! 😊 ~ Please like the video and comment your own responses!! 🔥 • New AskReddit Stories: Early signs of trouble everyone should k...

  • /r/legaladvice Thread Backfires (as of Feb 2017) (by ... [FL]Me and my 6 friends visited a famous amusing park. We had totally paid over 1500 $ for tickets of 4 days package.

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