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  • Working Yoga practice into your travels | Travel Blog

    Working Yoga practice into your travels I travel a great deal. What's more, when you are a yoga devotee as much as I am, you need to keep up your everyday practice. but when you are traveling, it can be truly difficult to discover the time or an agreeable space to practice Yoga.

  • Day 10 Oaxaca | Travel Blog

    town with the rear wheel in tact, which is more than I can say for some of my recent excursions. We checked out the cultural museum and the display of Tomb 7, the most interesting piece is a skull covered in tiny mosaic tiles.

  • A Day at the Beach With Mr Sanchos | Travel Blog

    Geo: 20.4286, -86.8792 6:30am this morning comes way too soon. The boat has been rockin' and rollin' during the night but, upon awakening, the water is calm and we're approaching Cozumel just as the sun is rising.

  • Day 8 Puebla and Oaxaca | Travel Blog

    I have been trying to get some interest up about the Nacional Railway Museum in Puebla which sounds amazing with a gallery of photos of derailments and other Mexican rail disasters of which I'm pretty confident there would have been a lot.

  • Mexico | Travel Blog

    Travel Blog » North America » Mexico » Blogs » Mexico. Mexico « Previous Entry. ... into a large queue where she met another couple travelling through Central America and Mexico. Rich meanwhile went to another car park where he was told where to park and wait further instructions.

  • Day 4 - Mexico City | Travel Blog

    Today we decided to walk up to the Archeological museum, Catherine's sister Louise and her husband Benjamin are arriving from New York. Breakfast was something I can't remember the name of with beans and ham and cheese in a hollowed out bread role with a hot salsa on top.

  • Welcome to the Baja California... | Travel Blog

    So, on our last cruise with MSC we met Marino from San Marino and now Francisco from San Francisco. I can't wait for our next trip to South America. I wonder if we'll meet someone from Titicaca!!! Francisco gave us the ‘spiel' on what to expect, holding a board up and pointing to various features of interest.

  • Moving to Queretaro, Mexico | Travel Blog

    We have big news for the new year! On December 25th we leave for Mexico. We are moving to the heart of Mexico, Santiago de Queretaro. I am taking sabbatical from the University of Cincinnati and I will be teaching at Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Querétaro.

  • Travel Blog Covering the Americas - Trans-Americas Journey

    We cover everything North, Central, and South America has to offer in hundreds of posts on our magazine quality Trans-Americas Journey travel blog.

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