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Paris Jackson shares how Michael Jackson taught her that beauty comes from the inside

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MJ Hosts A Party Celebrating The Broadway Season © GettyImages MJ Hosts A Party Celebrating The Broadway Season

Paris Jackson is hoping to redefine the standards of beauty with her new partnership. The daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe has been named the new face of KVD Beauty, and she talked about the collaboration with PopSugar, where she shed light on how the late singer impacted how she sees beauty.

Paris Jackson © Provided by Hola (US English) Paris Jackson

While Paris has been on this journey without her father since his death in 2009, the values instilled by Michael have stayed with her. “I try and always keep an open mind — not just with makeup, but with everything,” she said. “I was raised by a free-love, hippie-type dude, so we were taught that beauty comes from the inside — and to this day, I still believe that.”

Michael and Paris (2005) © Provided by Hola (US English) Michael and Paris (2005)


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Paris is all about self-expression, with a double nose piercing, and is covered in colorful tattoos she displays proudly. “A lot of them I got for no reason,” she told the outlet. When it comes to makeup, she wears it on her terms, only recently getting into it the last few years through work.

Barron & Tessa Hilton Host GODDESS Art Show © Provided by Hola (US English) Barron & Tessa Hilton Host GODDESS Art Show

While she admitted her relationship with beauty was complicated due to societal pressures, she’s learned how to cope by finding her confidence and prating self-love. “Recently, I’ve learned how to cope with it all by practicing self-love and affirmations and diving deeper into my spiritual life,” the artist said. ”It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I’ve started feeling really good about myself and my body, and feeling comfortable and everything. Those moments of self-love aren’t 24/7, but the bad moments are fewer and further between,” the 24 year old continued.

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