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20 sorprendentes secretos sobre los huevos

Eat This, Not That! Logotipo Por © Provided by Eat This, Not That! de Eat This, Not That! | Diapositiva 1 de 21: <p>By Olivia Tarantino</p><p>Do you know why you shouldn’t tease egg whites?</p><p>It’s because they can’t take a yolk!</p><p>Sorry about the joke, it's just that we cracked up after hearing it. On top of being able to make your friends laugh with our egg puns and jokes, after reading this article, you'll also be able to share these suprising facts you never knew about America’s favorite <a href="">breakfast protein</a>: eggs! Between uncovering why American eggs have to be refrigerated while other countries' ovules aren't and the reason why brown eggs are more expensive, you'll be blown away by these eggciting tidbits of info. Get ready for us to lay on the trivia. And when you're looking for more surprising secrets, don't miss these <a href="">21 Things You Don't Know About Chobani</a>.</p>

20 sorprendentes secretos sobre los huevos

Después de leer este artículo serás capaz de compartir estos sorprendentes datos que no sabías acerca del desayuno con proteínas favorito de América: los huevos.

Desde descubrir porque los huevos americanos tienen que ser refrigerados mientras que en otros lados no, y la razón del porque los huevos rojos son más caros, te sorprenderás por esta información. 

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