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Chained Echoes - 16-bit fantasy RPG with mechs [Kickstarter Trailer]

KICKSTARTER LINK: https://kck.st/2RFOad4 CHAINED ECHOES is a story driven RPG with turn based battles, inspired by those classic japanese roleplaying games for SNES and PSX. The game is currently in early development for PC/Mac/Linux and a crowdfunding campaign is scheduled for this winter. Website: http://www.chainedechoes.com/ Follow CHAINED ECHOES on Twitter (Official): https://twitter.com/chainedechoes Twitter (Work-in-progress stuff): https://twitter.com/arkheiral And most importantly, please subscribe to the newsletter if you want to support us! NEWSLETTER: https://bit.ly/2LB8pq6 Music was written by our talented composer Eddie Marianukroh at http://esoundsignal.com/ The strongest weapon the gods have ever created was stolen and placed into the hands of men: The Grand Grimoire. Follow a young hero and his companions through the war-ridden lands of Valandis. Take up your sword, channel your magic or board your Mech. It is your fate to put an end to this everlasting war and destroy the grimoire.
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