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Carmignac Emergents A EUR Ydis

5 ans
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  • Catégorie

    Actions des marchés émergents globaux

  • Risque Morningstar

    En dessous de la moyenne

  • Évaluation Morningstar ★★

Nom de l'émetteur

Carmignac Gestion

Style de fonds


Gestionnaire de fonds

David Park

Style d'investissement

Croissance élevée

The fund aims to outperform its benchmark over a period exceeding five years. The benchmark is Morgan Stanley's emerging markets index, the MSCI Emerging Markets Free, ex-dividend. The Fund is an "International Equity" fund with at least 60% of its assets permanently exposed to equities, with two thirds thereof invested in companies or issuers that have their registered office or carry out a significant part of their business in emerging countries. The assets may also consist of fixed income securities, debt securities or money market instruments denominated in euro or other currencies as well as variable rate bonds. Up to 40% of the assets may be invested in fixed income products for the purpose of risk diversification in the event of expected negative movements in equities. This is an accumulation fund.

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