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Austria - Gusswerk

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5020, Salzburg, Söllheimer Strasse 16, Austria

Established in 2007 in a former bell foundry, Brauhaus Gusswerk is a very small operation. There is a stylish brewery tap, but the bottled beers can be found in organic shops nationwide.

Brewing secret

Brewer Reinhold Barta adheres strictly to the standards of organic beer production issued by the international Demeter organization.


beer style: Old Ale
alcohol content: 6.6% ABV

Very low head and carbonation. Fruity nose (dried apricots) and a rich, full body; tart finish.


beer style: Blonde Ale
alcohol content: 5.1% ABV

Golden and slightly hazy. Some grainy aromas and a hint of sponge cake. Herbal notes in the aftertaste.

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