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Austria - Schwechater

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Mautner Markhof-Strasse 11, A-2320, Schwechat, Austria

A large brewery that claims to have brewed the first lager beer in 1840, though, to be precise, it was the Vienna lager that was invented here by Anton Dreher. Production of that beer was discontinued in the early 20th century. Nowadays the brewery is part of Heineken and produces golden lagers.

Schwechater Zwickl

beer style: Unfiltered Pilsner
alcohol content: 5.5% ABV

Herbal hop aromas and a hint of lemon zest. A lot of wheat in the mash bill. Dry and hoppy finish.

Schwechater Bier

beer style: Pale Lager
alcohol content: 5% ABV

Golden color, malty aromas. Full bodied with hops being noticeable from the start to the finish.

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