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Austria - Zipfer

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A-4871, Zipf, Austria

A mass production brewery now owned by Heineken, Zipfer creates beers that tend to be extremely pale and show a distinct hop aroma due to the use of whole hops. The flagship beer is the crisp Urtyp, introduced in 1967, which should not be confused with the Pils. Head brewer Günther Seeleitner finds time to occasionally brew one-off beers.


beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 5.2% ABV

Pale, with stable white head. Intense floral hop aromas (Tettnanger); extremely dry and hoppy.


beer style: Bock
alcohol content: 7.1% ABV

Citric and haylike aromas dominate. Malty, but hardly sweet on the palate; lighter and more easy-drinking than other bock beers.

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