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Belgium - Achelse Kluis

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Achelse Kluis

De Kluis 1, B3930, Hamont-Achel, Belgium

At a time when there were many brewery closures, the Belgian beer world had cause to celebrate in 1998. That was when De Achelse Kluis—a Trappist abbey on the Dutch border—started up brewing again after 84 unproductive years! It is run as a pub-brewery, and draws in many passing walkers and cyclists.

Achel Bruin 8

beer style: Trappist Beer
alcohol content: 8% ABV

More than the draft beers on tap, this is a classic Trappist brew; heavy, estery, and filling.

Achel Extra Bruin

beer style: Dark Trappist
alcohol content: 9.5% ABV

The flagship of brewmaster Knops—who refuses to drink anything else—rich and rewarding.

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