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Belgium - Alvinne

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Mellestraat 138, B8501, Heule, Belgium

Davy Spiessens and Glenn Castelein started as homebrewers, going professional in the smallest way possible—in a shed in the garden. Word got around about the quality of their beer, however, and in 2007 they moved to the current location. Their range of beers is constantly evolving, while others they produce have been specially commissioned.


beer style: Winter Ale
alcohol content: 8% ABV

A real connoisseurs’ beer, Gaspar is a hoppy treat—and pretty strong!

Podge Belgian Imperial Stout

beer style: Imperial Stout
alcohol content: 10.5% ABV

Pitch-black and incredibly strong, Podge is the brainchild of a British admirer of Belgian beers.

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