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Belgium - Anker

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Guido Gezellelaan 49, B2800, Mechelen, Belgium

Now here’s a brewery with a history. The owners claim it began in 1369, but it was in 1873 that the family Van Breedam took over and began its modern brewing age. In the 1990s, the end for the classic Gouden Carolus seemed near, but a family buy-out from the ill-fated RIVA empire succeeded, and now the brewery is productive and innovative once more.

Gouden Carolus Classic

beer style: Strong Dark Ale
alcohol content: 8.5% ABV

This malt bomb has a characteristic taste of raisins in portwine. An exemplary strong, dark Belgian ale.

Gouden Carolus Christmas

alcohol content: 10.5% ABV

The raisins and molasses from the Carolus Classic are present, but with a greater alcohol kick.

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