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Belgium - De Dolle Brouwers

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De Dolle Brouwers

Roeselarestraat 12B, B8600, Esen, Belgium

By buying and renewing the old Costenoble Brewery in the far west of Belgium in 1980, Kris Herteleer and his two brothers started, unknowingly, the country’s microbrewery revolution. Fame soon reached international quarters—but then the “mad brewers” never searched for simplicity, a quiet life, or easy money. “Quality does the trick” is the motto of Kris—the only remaining brewer of the original three. Adding to the complexity are the beer names, virtually all of which use Dutch word play of some sort.

Brewing secret

Kris also makes specially oak-aged versions of some of his beers, dubbed “Réserva”. They fetch vertiginous prices, are rare, and rather difficult to hunt down.


beer style: Belgian Pale Strong Ale
alcohol content: 8% ABV

A dry-hopped, citrussy beer that can age beautifully to a potent brew.

Stille Nacht

beer style: Seasonal Christmas Ale
alcohol content: 12% ABV

Overripe grapes, raisins, and other dried fruits. Some hoppy bitterness hiding behind lots of sweet malts; acidic lining for a great balance.


beer style: Belgian Dark Ale
alcohol content: 9% ABV

Fruitiness throughout, from nose to finish. Very vinous character, grapey, and clearly strong in alcohol.


beer style: Pale Belgian Ale
alcohol content: 6.5% ABV

An old ale that’s been renamed; creamy and hoppy.

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