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Belgium - De Landtsheer

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De Landtsheer

Mandekensstraat 179, B9255, Buggenhout, Belgium

The brewery maintains the old family name, but the beers are better known under the brand name Malheur (“accident”). The company’s steep rise might have shocked some of its competitors, but one of the men driving this venture was for many years a distributor for Westmalle, and so was very well connected.

Malheur Bière Brut Réserve

beer style: Belgian Strong Ale
alcohol content: 11% ABV

Bottle fermented in the méthode Champenoise manner. Alcoholic, sweet brandy nose, then bitterish and fruity flavors.

Malheur Dark Brut

beer style: Belgian Strong Ale
alcohol content: 12% ABV

A dark version, but even more complex, with vinous, chocolate, fruity, and tannic notes.

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