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Belgium - De Ranke

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De Ranke

1a, Rue du Petit Tourcoing, B7711, Dottignies/Dottenijs, Belgium

A fully integrated Belgian brewery: the brewers are Flemish, the plant was set up in Wallonia in 2005, and a Brussels brewer was hired to help them out! They have a distinct keeness for lambics, for quality, and for outspoken taste profiles—as their beers amply testify.

XX Bitter

beer style: Bitter
alcohol content: 6.2% ABV

Inspired by English bitters, but at a very Belgian 6.2% ABV, this is a wonderfully refreshing, hoppy brew.

Kriek de Ranke

beer style: Fruit Beer
alcohol content: 7% ABV

Mixed with lambic and cherries, this sourish fruit ale is close to fruit lambics—and yet quite different.

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