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Belgium - De Ryck

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De Ryck

Kerkstraat 24, B9550, Herzele

Female brewmaster An De Ryck has been the motor driving a lot of the recent modernization at this family brewery, the roots of which stretch back to the 19th century. From keg only production, the brewery now handles all kinds of bottlings, often with beer on lees.

Brewing secret

A 40% ABV Bierschnaps is produced here too.

Arend Winter

beer style: Spéciale Belge
alcohol content: 6.3% ABV

Formerly known as “Christmas Pale-ale,” this Spéciale Belge was often regarded as a real treat for the holiday season. A brown sugar aroma is matched by a herbal smell. Fairly sweet on the palate, with caramel notes; the hop flavoring varies from year to year.

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