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Belgium - La Binchoise

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La Binchoise

38, Faubourg Saint Paul, B7130, Binche, Belgium

Situated in the Hainaut province, this brewery was started in 1987 by André Graux. New management took over in 2001, and while they might have a more commercial agenda, La Binchoise is still worth a visit, both for the brewery tap and for the developing range of beers.

Bière des Ours

beer style: Flavored Ale
alcohol content: 8.4% ABV

Bears know why: honey! Another traditional ingredient for Belgian specialty ales.

La Binchoise Spéciale Belge

beer style: Spéciale
alcohol content: 5% ABV

This light, refreshing ale was once the staple Belgian beer, and known as a “Spéciale.” Great revived style.

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