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Belgium - Sainte—Hélène

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21, Rue de la Colinne, B6760, Ethe-Belmont, Belgium

After a hectic start, this brewery really got going in 2005, when new brewing equipment was installed. The very southwest corner of Belgium seems to be particularly suited to brewing, as new breweries keep popping up there. Ste-Hélène is enthusiastic about promoting its beers, and is a regular at Belgium’s many beer festivals.

La Sainte Hélène Ambrée

beer style: Belgian Amber Strong Ale
alcohol content: 8.5% ABV

Close in character to the triple, but with more caramel and tobacco notes; well-balanced.

La Djean Triple

beer style: Belgian Amber Strong Ale
alcohol content: 9% ABV

A beer with many flavors and impressions, from phenolic to fruity and dry to creamy.

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