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Belgium - Van Den Bossche

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Van Den Bossche

St Lievensplein 16, B9550, St-Lievens-Esse, Belgium

A long-standing family brewery in a brewery-rich part of Flanders. Long did it thrive on the local Buffalo ale, weaving colorful stories about its origins. Changes in the beer market have driven it to strengthen the Pater Lieven range—vaguely abbeylike in style—and, tentatively, to produce a beer expressly made for export.

Pater Lieven Blonde

beer style: Abbey Ale
alcohol content: 6.5% ABV

Blossomy notes can be found in this abbey blonde, while hops promised on the nose are delivered on the palate.

Buffalo Belgian Stout

beer style: Stout
alcohol content: 9% ABV

Not the legendary Buffalo Spéciale, but a high alcohol, roasted stout, geared for foreign markets.

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