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Belgium - Vapeur

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1 Rue du Maréchal, B7904, Pipaix-Leuze, Belgium

Jean-Louis Dits and his late wife, both school teachers by profession, saved this brewery from demolition in 1985. Jean-Louis now owns one of the world’s last steam operated breweries.

Brewing secret

Voluntarily limiting the brewing to every last Saturday of the month, Jean-Louis also bows to his own, rather inflexible ecological logic.

Saison de Pipaix

beer style: Saison
alcohol content: 6% ABV

Working from a long-kept recipe, Dits has cleaned it up to tart and citrussy flavors, with the metallic tang of old saisons all but gone.

Vapeur en Folie

beer style: Saison
alcohol content: 8% ABV

A lovely, spicy, malty, and alcoholic interpretation of saison—with unexpected ageing potential.

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