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British Isles - Braksprear

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Witney, Oxfordshire, England, OX28 4DP

The long-established Brakspear Brewery closed its Henley operation in 2002, but the production of its beers was taken on by Wychwood Brewery.

Brewing secret

Wychwood uses Brakspear’s original equipment to brew these beers, including the unique “double drop” wooden fermenting vessels, and its complex yeast strain.

Brakspear Bitter

beer style: Bitter
alcohol content: 3.4% ABV

An initial malt and well-hopped bitterness develops into a bitter-sweet and fruity finish.

Brakspear Special

beer style: Strong Bitter
alcohol content: 4.3% ABV

Full-bodied, with a hint of sweetness and dry hop bitterness before finishing citrus-fruity.

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