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British Isles - Exmoor

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Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England, TA4 2NY

Exmoor was among the first wave of microbreweries in the early 1980s. Its fundamentals have never altered from a reliance on skills, investment in innovation, and adherence to the principles of small-batch brewing. Being Somerset’s largest brewery positions it as a regional producer, and the potential of its backbone brands is still to be fully capitalized upon.

Exmoor Gold

beer style: Bitter
alcohol content: 4.5% ABV

Powerful earthy hop, lemon, and juicy malt aromas; fruity, butterscotch sweetness, and memorable finish.

Exmoor Ale

beer style: Bitter
alcohol content: 3.8% ABV

Medium-bodied, with some malt and hop in the aroma and bitter hop aftertaste.

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