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British Isles - Isle of Arran

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Isle of Arran

Brodick, Isle of Arran, Scotland, KA27 8DE

Arran is often described as “Scotland in miniature,” and its high-tech brewery, set among the stunning surroundings of castles, mountains, and an extraordinary shoreline, reflects tradition, substance, and native inventiveness. The plaudits it receives are matched by awards for design.

Brewing secret

Gulf Stream-driven rainfall is a factor in the beer’s character.

Arran Blonde

beer style: Strong Bitter
alcohol content: 5% ABV

New-mown grass and floral aromas slip into citrus fruit and tangy, succulent malt flavors.

Arran Dark

beer style: Scottish Heavy
alcohol content: 4.3% ABV

Rich ripe fruit aroma, with full malt bittersweet flavors typical of a traditional Scottish “heavy.”

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