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British Isles - Wells & Young’s

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Wells & Young’s

Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, MK40 4LU

A major force in British brewing was created in 2006 from the partnership of London brewer Young’s and Bedford-based Charles Wells, two of the most prodigiously accomplished operators in the industry. Charles Wells founded his brewery in 1876, and, five generations later, it remains family owned. When the companies merged, Young’s left its London-based Ram Brewery, where brewing had been recorded on the site since 1551. Wells & Young’s cask and bottled ale portfolio is one of the broadest in the brewing sector, particularly after Courage brands—Best Bitter and Directors Bitter—were added in 2007 under an agreement with Scottish & Newcastle.

Brewing secret

Heavy on Crystal malt, Well’s Bombardier uses Challenger and Goldings hops for its fruity palate and spicy nose.

Wells Bombardier

beer style: Premium Bitter
alcohol content: 4.3% ABV

Powerful citrus hop aromas meet malt and dried fruit in a richly complex medley.

Eagle IPA

beer style: India Pale Ale
alcohol content: 3.6% ABV

Preposterously flavor-packed, with malt and ripe apple sweetness, belying its relatively low strength.

Young’s Bitter

beer style: Bitter
alcohol content: 3.7% ABV

Well-balanced, with citrus hop notes and enough malt for a flowery and bready finish.

Young’s Special

beer style: Best Bitter
alcohol content: 4.5% ABV

Sweet hop aroma, but a robust malt and hop arrangement persists throughout layers of toffee.

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