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British Isles - Williams

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Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, FK10 1NT

Alloa was once second only to Burton upon Trent as a brewing center, so it is encouraging to observe innovative beer styles still being developed there. Historic recipes and traditional folklore methods are skilfully applied.

Brewing secret

In the Fraoch Ale, flowering heather is used instead of hops, reviving an ancient Celtic recipe.

Fraoch Heather Ale

beer style: Specialty Bitter
alcohol content: 4.1% ABV

Abundantly floral and aromatic, with a spicy mint piquancy, malty character, and whiff of peat.

Kelpie Seaweed Ale

beer style: Specialty Bitter
alcohol content: 4.4% ABV

Organic barley from coastal farms and bladderwrack seaweed in the mash produce beguiling flavors.

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