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Czech Republic - Ježek

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Vrchlického 2, 586 01, Jihlava, Czech Republic

From its earliest days, Ježek beer was exported to Austria—the Viennese monarchy showed particular interest. Wholesale reconstruction in the mid-1990s saw environmentally friendly production methods put in place and improvements made to the quality, taste, and stability of the beer. Ježek also has an on-site restaurant.

Jihlavský Grand

beer style: Extra Premium Lager
alcohol content: 8.1% ABV

An extraordinary honey-gold beer, with malt and bread aromas and a rich malt palate.

Ježek 10° Dark

beer style: Dark Beer
alcohol content: 4.1% ABV

Typical dark lager (marketed as “women’s beer”) with caramel and coffee layers and a firmly sweet finish.

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