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Czech Republic - Lobkowicz

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Vysoký Chlumec 29, 262 52, Vysoký Chlumec, Czech Republic

The noble Lobkowicz family has owned the brewery since 1466 and is proud that it is a relatively small operation. Some of the beer is exported as Premium Czech Lager.

Brewing secret

The brewery promotes ecologically sensitive production methods and uses water from an artesian well.

Lobkowicz Kníže 12°

beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 5% ABV

A traditional pilsner, with a malt-layered, bittersweet palate following an earthy, honeyed hop nose.

Lobkowicz Baron 12°

beer style: Dark Beer
alcohol content: 4.7% ABV

A dark lager, with flavor notes of chewy caramel and chocolate emerging from sweet malt.

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