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Czech Republic - Ostravar

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Hornopolní 57, 728 25, Ostrava 1, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s third-largest city lies closer to Katowice in Poland and Vienna in Austria than to Prague, and so prides itself on being “different” to other Czech breweries. Ostravar beers reflect this strategic position, and are carefully considered with local tradition in mind. It has, however, been internationally owned (now by InBev) since 2000.

Ostravar Premium

beer style: Premium Lager
alcohol content: 5.1% ABV

A rich head promoting malt and hop aromas straddle a full-bodied strong bitter bite.

Ostravar Kelt

beer style: Stout
alcohol content: 4.8% ABV

Irish-style stout; pronounced hop and roasted barley aromas which continue throughout the palate.

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