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Czech Republic - Zlatopramen

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Dráždanská 80, 400 07, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

Modernization may have accelerated in recent years, but this brewery’s history is as long as the existence of brewing privileges. The use of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph II’s eagle for its emblem was granted in the early 20th century, while the Zlatopramen trademark was adopted in 1967. It is now owned by Drinks Union.

Zlatopramen 11°

beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 4.7% ABV

A faint, earthy hop aroma unfolds into a full biscuit flavor with a potent bitterness.

Zlatopramen 11° Dark

beer style: Dark Beer
alcohol content: 4.6% ABV

Aromatically floral, its sweet palate, composed from inventive blends of barley malts, edges toward toffee.

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