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France - Saint Germain

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Saint Germain

26 route d’Arras, 62160, Aix-Noulette, France

Two young but experienced brewers opened this brewery in 2003, with top-fermentation beers in the bière de garde style. One takes its name from Saint Hildegard, a German abbess of the 11th century, who is often (though incorrectly) credited with the introduction of hops into the beermaking process.

Reserve Hildegarde Ambrée

beer style: Ale
alcohol content: 6.9% ABV

Golden, with a rich nose of cereals, spices, and honey. Very smooth with a good bitterness and a long finish.

Page 24 Rhubarbe

beer style: Ale
alcohol content: 5.9% ABV

Gold in color, with floral aromas. Very refreshing, with a special acidity contributed by rhubarb.

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