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Germany - Allersheim

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Allersheim 6, 37603, Holzminden, Germany

Founded in 1854, this brewery was, for Otto Baumgarten, merely a sideline to farming. He harvested the grain in his own fields, but had to buy in the hops. Production grew over the years, though, and today the brewery has 40 employees.

Brewing secret

The beers are brewed to suit discerning local palates.


beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 5% ABV

A pilsner with a mash bill from light and dark malt. Soft in taste, with a typical malty aroma.

Blue Moon

beer style: Beer and Cola
alcohol content: 1.9% ABV

A pleasant mix of dry hops and cola. It’s not too sweet, because the mix is produced without sugar.

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