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Germany - Grünbach

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Kellerberg 2, 85461, Bockhorn, Germany

Grünbach has had a host of owners, including the famous Paulaner and Erdinger breweries. Alexander Noll is currently at the helm.

Brewing secret

Grünbach’s Benno Scharl wheat beer carries the name of an 18th-century Bavarian master brewer who wrote an influential textbook on brewing techniques.

Altweizen Gold

beer style: Wheat Beer
alcohol content: 5.3% ABV

Clear golden and finely balanced between yeast and carbonic acid, with a lightly sparkling, dry freshness.

Benno Scharl

beer style: Wheat Beer
alcohol content: 5.3% ABV

Yellow, and clouded with yeast, Benno Scharl tastes mild and sweet, pleasant and well balanced.

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