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Germany - Jettenbach

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Am Schlossberg 1, 84555, Jettenbach am Inn, Germany

The history of brewing in Bavaria has been closely associated with the story of the dukes of Toerring for more than 700 years. The Toerrings fought for the right to found breweries to produce beer for themselves and the local pubs and restaurants. The master brewers of the family have also become famous in their own right.

Graf Ignaz Premium

beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 4.9% ABV

A real pilsner—clear, golden, and lightly sparkling; strongly flavored with fine, balanced bitters of hops.

Graf Ignaz Lager

beer style: Lager
alcohol content: 4.9% ABV

This golden beer is dry and has nice aromas of fine malt. There is some sweetness on the tongue.

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